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How we’re doing it

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    The objective of the project is to transform Gellerup and Toveshøj from a disadvantaged residential area into an attractive urban district. The City of Aarhus and the housing association Brabrand Boligforening have been working together since 2007 to implement physical improvements in the area. With these physical changes, we are creating the necessary foundation for social improvements.

    The physical development plan for Gellerup and Toveshøj is based on the following five focal points:  

    • The creation of neighbourhoods
    • Infrastructure
    • Renovations
    • Sport and culture campus
    • Temporary uses of urban space

    One of the pillars in the development of Gellerup and Toveshøj is the creation of new neighbourhoods. The goal is to divide this homogeneous area into smaller districts with different identities and make them an attractive part of western Aarhus.

    New housing will be built in the area which will provide a variety of different housing options, from terraced houses to townhouses and apartments for both large and small families. It will be possible to both buy and rent housing in the area, and housing for both the elderly and students will be available in the area. These various types of housing will be linked together by green spaces that will include parks, playgrounds and other outdoor activities.

    In accordance with the development plan, the new network of roads will open up the area and connect it to the rest of Aarhus. The area will also be accessible by tram (the Aarhus Light Rail), which will have a stop in the area.

    The new infrastructure will support the creation of distinct neighborhoods and will contribute to the development of a sense of unique identity in the area.

    All of the blocks of flats in the area will be renovated to ensure that the flats are in compliance with the standards of the housing market in terms of comfort, indoor environment and energy consumption.

    The renovation will be financed by Landsbyggefonden (the social housing construction fund) and though the sale of building lots in the area.

    The sport and culture campus will become the new gathering place for the community in the area.

    It will offer both indoor and outdoor facilities as well as a square. It will be possible to take part in many different activities, and there will also room for socialising, relaxing and just enjoying the area.

    The physical changes in Gellerup and Toveshøj are already making their mark on the area. The temporary use of urban space is enabling the transformation from construction sites and waiting spaces into valuable contributions to the development of the new urban district during the redevelopment phase.

    These temporary initiatives are based at the E&P house. The E&P house is responsible for coordinating temporary uses of urban space in the area, providing the framework for local activities as well as communication about the development plan.

    Sidst opdateret: 3. oktober 2023