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Why we’re doing it

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    Since its construction in the 1960s, the Gellerup–Toveshøj area has developed into a socially disadvantaged area. The development plan contains a holistic strategy for transforming the area into an attractive residential district.


    Our vision is to create a new, diverse area, with its own identity, architecture and urban life: developed on the foundation of what already exists, but with the addition of new layers through the creation of new neighbourhoods, road and traffic patterns, buildings as well as green spaces.


    We will develop a new residential area which will replace the physical and social isolation of the past with a diversity of urban spaces and uses, as well as diversity among the residents. The goal is for the diversity of the community here to match the rest of Aarhus in terms of employment, level of education, income and safety.

    This redevelopment is taking place in collaboration with the current residents of the area, the neighbouring area and the rest of Aarhus.

    The financing for the planned projects and activities in the physical development plan is, to a large extent, already in place.

    When the development plan was adopted in 2007, the local housing association Brabrand Boligforening and the City of Aarhus earmarked DKK 62.50 million respectively in funding for the plan.

    In addition, the social housing construction fund Landsbyggefonden has allocated DKK 911 million in the form of direct subsidies as well as subsidised and unsubsidised loans. This contribution will finance new roads, community centres and a health centre, among other things.

    In addition, the Aarhus City Council pledged DKK 36 million in 2014, the Danish Ministry for Children and Social Affairs has pledged DKK 21.1 million, and the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority has allocated DKK 26 million DKK to the development plan.

    Additional sources of financing include property sales, private and public foundations as well as private investors.


    • Area: 74 ha
    • Residents in 2017: approx. 7,000
    • Residents in 2030: approx 14,000
    • Total investment: DKK 6.5 billion*

    * Includes only the physical development plan for the area

    Sidst opdateret: 3. oktober 2023